Sunday, September 16, 2018

Massachusetts - Day 11

Village Green Campground
Tuesday, 11 September 2018

The forecast was for bad weather today, and in fact we did get some rain, though not the thunderstorms they'd forecast.

Still there was enough rain for me to be glad once again I had my rubber boots.

It took me much of the day to figure out which campgrounds that I could spend the next couple of weeks, that I could afford, and that were located near places I want to visit.  As I've mentioned before, the closer I get to Boston the higher the cost of camping.

I finally made reservations for one week in Salisbury, near the New Hampshire state line but on the highway system and less than an hour from Boston.  And the following week I'll be down near Falmouth at the entrance to Cape Cod.  I hated to commit myself to entire weeks sight unseen, since some of these campgrounds aren't really comfortable for much more than a night.  But it was so hard finding something affordable I decided to just take a chance.

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