Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Little Pee Dee State Park, SC

Sunday, 18 March 2018
Little Pee Dee State Park, SC

When I was walking the dogs in Myrtle Beach this morning, I saw a sign on the door of the Dixie Beverage Store that said:

All liquor stores close at 7 PM in South Carolina.
* Yes we know it’s a stupid law.
* Yes the store across the street is closed also.
* Yes the whole state.
* Yes we know in your state and many others you can stay open later. We can’t.
* No this didn’t just start. It has been this way for over 20 years.
* If it’s after 7PM and you are reading this sign, we’ll see you in the morning.

You think they get asked this a lot?

The beach was only about 4 blocks from the KOA so I took the dogs down there. I’m pleased to report that the Atlantic Ocean is still rolling along as usual. It seemed to be a nice beach, hard to tell though because it was only 5:30 and very dark. (I’m not a fan of daylight savings time.) Fortunately nobody else seems to go to the beach at that hour so the dogs could roughhouse for a bit – the first time in a while for them and they loved it. Rolling around in the sand and all.

While I was here, I tried out some pork ribs in my crock pot. I learned a month ago that the outlets near the kitchen sink don’t work very well – when I try to charge up the phone or the camera battery, they only get partly charged while saying they’re fully charged. So I wasn’t able to just stick the crock pot in the sink, as I had hoped, but instead had to put it on the table and use the plug down by Gracie’s bed underneath. That actually worked well, but the potential for real trouble came when I left Dexter behind while I was walking Gracie. There’s absolutely no way I could trust him with such access to those ribs. He can and does jump up on the table – actually, he can and does jump up on the bed, and that’s a standing 3½’ jump. He’s very athletic. Also very willing to ignore the heated crock pot in search of pork ribs. I unplugged it and moved it to the back of the stove while we were gone, and that worked fine. I just cooked them a while longer than I would have. The moral of that story is: people who can’t be flexible have no business full-timing it in a 24’ RV with 2 largish dogs and 2 cats.

Before I left the KOA I took a photo of that trampoline/hot air bouncy thing. You can see a little kid on it – that thing is huge.

As I was going through the last town before getting to this park, I passed North Mullins Primary School. Apparently they don’t have elementary schools in South Carolina.

Not many people are staying in the park right now, which is nice considering Dexter barks when I take Gracie for a walk without him – not as many people to disturb. The roads and the campsites are entirely of sand, which seems odd since we’re a ways from the beach. Like about a 100 miles away. Trucked in or left over from when this was covered by the ocean a million years ago?

I can’t pick up a wi-fi signal at my campsite. I have to go back to the ranger station at 4:00 to sign in so I’ll see if there’s a signal there. Odd because I’ve got 2 bars on my phone, and my hot spot usually gets a signal even when my phone doesn’t. Some parks I’ve been in the signal comes and goes. Maybe here too.

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