Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Maryland - Day 3

Pocomoke River State Park
Sunday, 3 February 2019

Last Sunday I bought a Washington Post but only read a few of the sections that day.  So now a week later I decided to take a look at the comics section and magazine and so forth - you know, serious reading for a Sunday morning. 

The comics section had a half page devoted to a monster Sudoku puzzle that was called Samurai Sudoku or something - it's 5 interlocking Sudoku puzzles that you have to solve all at the same time or none of them comes out right.  By 10:30 I was still sitting there, still working on it, and my puppies were having increasing difficulty being patient with me fudging on their walk time.  It was addictive.  I took the dogs out and came back and started in on it again and finally finished it at noon.  Crazy.  But of course it made me feel brilliant for having finished it (and dumb for having taken all morning to do it).

In real life terms, I ran out of time to go see any local sights.  Instead, the dogs and I saw the really local sights.

This park has a .7 mile nature trail right next to our part of the campground and, since it was a beautiful day, we walked the length of it.  The trail ran through a cypress swamp (I'm now able to recognize them) that is undoubtedly teeming with life in the summer, probably including mosquitos for the lack of which I'm extremely grateful it's still fairly frozen right now.

Most of the snow's melted, but most of the standing water (and there're a lot of small ponds in this park) is still frozen.  That meant the trail we walked on was covered with dead frozen leaves that crackled when we stepped on them.  It also meant that we were really lucky, because I think that trail's going to be a soggy mess when things start to thaw out.  As it was, the trail and the walk were really pleasant.  The trail is blazed, but the blazes were infrequent enough that I had to keep paying attention to where we were so as not to get lost.  The dogs paid attention only to what was really important: nature.  They loved it.

The campground host and I are still the only campers in the park, which is nice.  I've seen other people come and bring their dogs to walk here, but they seem to be local because they sure aren't camping here.

This campground has, hands down, the very best shower facilities I've seen in the last almost year of living in my RV.  I've seen campgrounds in 15 or 16 states now, public and private, and these are absolutely the best.  Plenty of space in the shower stall, plenty of places to put things in the shower, plenty of hooks and a bench to put stuff on out of the shower, a large curtain on the shower stall, an outer door for privacy, and unlimited hot water with a good water flow.  The bathroom wasn't heated but nowhere's perfect.

In all, a pleasant quiet Sunday in the park.  Hard to beat.

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