Thursday, December 6, 2018

New Jersey - Day 3

Clarksboro KOA
Monday, 3 December 2018

Still tired, still hard to get myself moving.  Instead, I spent much of today planning where I'd go tomorrow.

I discovered online that most of the doggie day cares in the area are in Philadelphia and, because of my self-imposed rule to stay in the state-of-the-month, I didn't want to go there.  I'm only booked at this campground until Wednesday, though, so I think I'll hold off until I know where I'm going next.

The internet helped me locate a handy grocery store, much needed because I'm not only almost out of milk and bread but also dog and cat food (yikes!).

I spent some time calling the half dozen or so campgrounds I'd found online that said they were open in December, leaving voicemails to call me with availability and prices.

I cooked some chicken in the slow cooker that I'd gotten just before leaving CT.

I called around to every vet place I could find in the area to locate the Trifexis (flea medicine) I give the dogs monthly, to no avail.  The few who claimed to have heard of it told me to order it online.  But not knowing what campgrounds I'll be staying in and when complicates online ordering/delivery, so I'll hold off.  I have a month till the next dose is due.

My wonderful brother sent me a big batch of mail - mostly Medicare-sign-up-season letters, it seemed - so I went through all that and found a couple of actual bills that need to be paid.

I took a look at sights to see in New Jersey, and took a look at upcoming weather forecasts.  It looks like, beginning tomorrow night, this whole area can expect below freezing temps at night, and nothing in the daytime that's what you might call warm.  On the other hand, the coastal areas (of which New Jersey has quite a bit) look like they'll be at least 5° warmer than the Philly area where I am, so I'd like to find a campground over there for a bit.  Just have to see what people say when they call me back.

That kind of day.

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