Thursday, December 6, 2018

New Jersey - Day 2

Clarksboro KOA
Sunday, 2 December 2018

I was so tired when I went to bed last night I figured I wouldn't want to try to go anywhere today, and I was right.  I'm still dragging from all that driving, and I've noticed that long drives make me have nightmares about missing a red light or something that causes a crash, which wakes me up, so I'm missing sleep - extra tiring.

During the night it started to rain, and that kept up all day.  The morning TV weather (yea!) predicted about ⅓" of rain for the Philadelphia area, and I think that's what we got.  Even after it stopped raining there were low clouds and heavy mist or drizzle, and it was just generally dark all day.  At least it wasn't as cold as CT had been.

This KOA isn't nearly as nice as the last one - smaller, no wooded areas to walk in, lots of uneven roads which, today, led to lots of muddy puddles.  But the staff is just as nice and they have a very large doggie play area.

As I noted, I can get TV stations now - lots of them - so finally have morning network news and weather again.  Today being Sunday, I got to watch Meet the Press for the first time in ages.

I think it was in western Massachusetts that the dogs wrenched my arms and shoulders trying to chase after some wild animal or other, and 3 months later they're still bothering me - especially after such a long day of driving.  I've been lucky that they don't very often both hurt at the same time.  Instead they switch back and forth - one will hurt too much to do even ordinary things like putting on a shirt, so the other takes up the slack, and by the time the first one starts to feel better the other one starts hurting, probably from being overworked.  I've tried the heating pad, cold compresses, Ben-Gay - nothing really changes much.  When I boarded the dogs for 2 nights, the rest period really helped - but then they came home and it started up again.

Anyway, the pain is telling me I shouldn't try to drive anywhere for a little bit and give my arms a break for a few days.  There's so much I want to see in New Jersey, but I'm learning that this trip is a long haul, not a sprint, and if I need rest then I should take it.  So I will.

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