Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Connecticut - Day 18

Mystic KOA
Sunday, 18 November 2018

And the latest thrilling installment in the saga about the dog-run-free people staying across from me happened this morning.  I always take my dogs out very early and then again about 9 or so, and again about lunchtime.  Well, today they didn't get their mid-morning walk because those people were out the whole time, and they had dogs I hadn't seen before.

From somewhere they produced a German Shepherd that was new to me, and at least they kept him on a leash.  But still not the others.  And they again ate breakfast or something on one of the outside tables so no chance for me to sneak my dogs by.

I was counting on them checking out today, which they did, but they missed check-out time by half an hour - apparently as lackadaisical about their times as about their leashes.  During the last hour I was waiting impatiently and watching them to be sure they were really going, because if they were staying I'd have to talk to them or ask the KOA people to do it.  I HAD to walk my dogs, after all.

Turns out there were 4 couples and 4 dogs.  Couple 1 came in a pickup and stayed in a cabin; couple 2 came in an RV and stayed in that; couple 3 came in the same RV and stayed in a 2nd cabin; couple 4 came in a car and stayed in the RV.  They had license plates from 3 different states and it was obviously a reunion of old friends.

And this was the least organized batch of people I think I've ever seen.  When they were packing up vehicles, couple 4 stood around and provided zero help.  All the women of the couples stayed indoors until about 11 (check-out time), when they came outside and stood around doing nothing.  The other 3 men did all the work loading vehicles, but they were so haphazard.  They'd go inside and bring out a few items and load them.  Then they'd wait a few minutes and go back inside and bring out a few more items and unload what they'd already loaded and reload everything.  And then they'd repeat these steps.  Nobody else helped bring things outside.  Nobody else helped load.  Nobody seemed to any clear idea of what should go where - including the dogs, which also got loaded and unloaded several times.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting there watching all this, willing them to get things done and get themselves gone, or at least get their dogs firmly penned up so I could take my dogs out.  Time moved on, the dogs kept coming in and out and the people kept coming in and out and the stuff kept coming out in dribs and drabs.  It was excruciating - for me to watch and for my dogs to wish they could go pee.  The instant I was sure they'd left I took my dogs out for a nice long walk.  But quel nuisance (as my mom would have said).

According to internet weather, I'm expecting to be sitting very still in this spot for most of this week.  It looks like we'll have rain tomorrow, but tomorrow night cold and snow will start coming this way, and they're predicting a white Thanksgiving for most of Connecticut.  I hope the rain is what I wake up to tomorrow, because I really want to take the dogs to day care again.  If the roads aren't bad, I'll plan to drive over to Hartford.  Depends on the weather.

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