Monday, October 29, 2018

Rhode Island - Day 29

Fishermen's Memorial State Campground
Monday, 29 October 2018

I took my own advice and decided not to leave camp today.  Just as well.  The wind's been blowing so hard it's shaking the RV again.  Off and on all day.  But at least it's been occasionally sunny, when it's not raining, so that makes it easy to forgive some wind.

I've just corrected 2 posts I've made for other states and, for those who are reading this consecutively and would otherwise miss the changes, I'll tell you here:

** In mid-June, I visited Montpelier, Vermont's state capital.  I have since learned (maybe it's even true) that Montpelier is the only state capital that doesn't have a McDonald's.  Those Vermonters really have high standards.

** Early last month I passed over the French King Bridge, which spans a really decent-size gorge in northcentral Massachusetts.  What I failed to add in my post at the time is that the east end of the bridge sits on Paleozoic metamorphic rocks, while the west end sits on Jurassic conglomerate rocks.  All of which means to me: a) I should have taken a geology class in college, and b) that gorge must be the product of a fault line between 2 historic periods.  Pretty interesting, though.

I got word today that the adoption committee at Pet Rescue turned me down again.  Apparently they read my letter but still think my RV's too small and moves around too much to give the kitties a good home.  Another disappointment.  Maybe Connecticut will see things differently.

I haven't mentioned before that this campground is unique.  It has a wind generator on site.
That's right by the office.  I hear the sound more or less all the time.  For a while when I first started staying here, I'd lie in bed early in the morning wondering if there were an airport nearby with small planes landing, though at that hour of the night it seemed unlikely.

We also have our own UFO.
I know in this photo you can see the support, but from another angle, early in the morning when it's quite dark, this huge white ball looms over the horizon, seemingly on its own.  Obviously a water tower, but it does look eerie in the moonlight.

Tomorrow I'll drop Gracie at day care, take Dext to do a few errands, and then maybe take him to the beach for the rest of the day.  Hope the weather will cooperate.

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