Friday, August 31, 2018

Maine - Days 30 & 31

Yellowstone Park Campground
Thursday the 30th and Friday the 31st, August 2018

I've been promising myself for several weeks that I'd take the last 2 days of my month here to rest and regroup, and that's what I've been doing.

I took a quick trip to the grocery store this morning - solely because I was out of dog food, which I regarded as a crisis - but otherwise have been sitting at this campsite.

The weather finally broke and the humidity is back down to reasonable levels, thank goodness.  The temp went down too, so we're not all in danger of dying if we don't turn on the AC.

I've cleaned the whole inside of the RV, and it's been long enough since I've done that that it took some doing.  I cleaned all the windows, inside and out.

I reorganized or tossed the stuff that accumulates if you don't stay right on top of it every day, which I rarely do - the maps and receipts and tourist info and newspapers . . . .

I've cooked several dishes and split them into serving portions, so I'll have easy meals that aren't Lean Cuisine for the rest of the week.  And then I washed the dishes.

I've caught up on my blog, which is important to me because I really don't want to forget the things I see - and I absolutely will do that, so I need this record of them for myself, even if no one else reads it.  I've already found myself going back to try to find something I remember vaguely.

I'm starting to make plans for my month in Massachusetts, but I've learned not to get too detailed until I've stopped at the state's visitor welcome center.  They all seem to have campground information and publications with sights to see that I might not be able to find out about otherwise.  And they especially have state maps.  I have a AAA map for each state, but I've found those maps don't always show the same roads and towns that the state maps do.  It's not that one's better than the other - they complement each other.

I'll have the Labor Day weekend at the KOA campground in western Mass. and will likely stay put to avoid the traffic that will almost certainly be on the roads.  So I can do some planning then for the rest of the month in my nice clean cabin.

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