Monday, August 6, 2018

Maine - Day 2

Paul Bunyan Campground, Bangor
Thursday, 2 August 2018

today's route
All I really did today was move from one side of Bangor to the other, with stops along the way.

I called in a prescription refill to a CVS and waited for it to be filled.

I bought groceries.

I went to a Target, the only store where I’ve reliably been able to find my contact lens solutions.

I stopped at a AAA to pay my overdue membership fee.  I’d been debating whether to renew or not; I’d joined in the first place for their excellent service for dead batteries and their free towing and so forth.  But tows aren’t quite as available for RVs and I’m traveling in some fairly out-of-the-way places, and I’d found in previous campgrounds they wouldn’t give me a AAA member discount.   But things seem to be different in Maine and this campground actually asked if I was a AAA member.  So before I checked in to the campground I quick like a little bunny stopped to pay my membership dues.

And that was another odd thing.  It turns out that not all AAAs can accept payments for all other AAAs. But Northern New England turns out to be in the same network as Texas (and California, I was told).  So she was happy to process it, even though she couldn’t explain the relation of Texas to northern New England, and I was happy to have a current member card to show the campground here.

I like this campground much better than yesterday’s but, most unfortunately, they’re full for the weekend (there’s a big fair in Bangor, they said) and have no room in the inn tomorrow night.  So onward tomorrow.  But this isn’t my last visit in Bangor – I haven’t really seen anything here yet – and I’ll plan to come back to this campground.

Gracie was upset because our site was within hearing distance of the swimming pool and the little kids squealing with delight.  Even the sound of a little kid speaking makes her uneasy and anything like kids crying or squealing or yelling sends her into panic mode.  I try to tell her that half the world’s population is under the age of 18 and they aren’t any of them out to get her, but she doesn’t listen to me.  It’s truly sad.  But there are other sites that are farther away from the pool and I think we can come back without upsetting her too much.

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