Friday, June 8, 2018

Vermont - Day 3 - Wilmington

Greenwood Lodge & Campsites
Sunday, 3 June 2018

I've been feeling a little crummy since just before I left New York, which is why I'm still at this campground.  But there's a flea market in the next town and I decided I should go - I already missed yesterday and it won't be around tomorrow.

Wilmington Antique and Flea Market is apparently a well-established tradition in this part of the state.  I heard about it from the owner of this campground, who encouraged me to go.

Today was a beautiful sunny day, so this seemed like the perfect activity for those of us not feeling up to anything more active.

I'd guess there were maybe 30-40 vendors today.  The grounds were set up for quite a few more vendors than they had, and I expect that the number will increase as the summer gets going.  Right now, it's still not long since the last snow, they tell me, and I can see quite a few tourist-y type businesses aren't open yet.

There were of course people selling their own maple syrup and preserves and handmade goods and eggs and honey (I wonder what he does with his bees in the winter).  There was also a guy selling 200+ square feet of antique barn siding, someone selling rifles and knives, someone selling a wide variety of tools, a nursery selling multiple hanging baskets, jewelry of all kinds, some clothes that were probably imported and some that were handmade - all kinds of stuff.

I ended up buying pickled asparagus at one booth (she said she'd just made it this last week), syrup at another (she said it was from their own trees a few miles down the road), strawberry-rhubarb jam at another (she said the rhubarb had only just recently grown up), some homemade salsa at another (I was skeptical because this is, after all, Vermont not Texas, but he'd put jalapeƱos in so I took a chance), and some old keys for Anna from yet another.

I walked the dogs a few times around the grounds, gave them a chance to wrestle and roll around in the grass.  It was a nice day.

On the way back to the campground I stopped to buy some doritos for the salsa.  It turned out to be not bad at all.  I ate about half of it at suppertime.

Just on the west side of town is a house on a hillside next to the road, and the approaches to the driveway have almost a field of bright yellow day lilies on each side.  They're gorgeous.

Following up on the "scarified pavement" from the other day, there's a sign between the campground and Wilmington that says, "Milled surface ahead, Use caution."

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